Sunday, 28 July 2013

Miele Vacuum Cleaner

There was a time when people had to clean the house using a broom and a dustpan. Though these are still being used today, some households and offices have switched to the vacuum cleaner for this task.

The first vacuum cleaner was invented in 1865. In the years that followed, better models were produced and it was only after the Second World War ended that the price of this household appliance was affordable to those in the middle class.

One company that has been producing some of the best-known vacuum cleaners in the market is Miele that has been in operation for 1899. Though this household appliance was only introduced to the product line in 1927, it has dealers scattered all over the United States.

The company has over 9 models to choose from that is ideal for any location. The standard one which is the upright has a 1000-watt motor allowing it to suck 96 cubic feet of airflow per minute. When the bag is full, the person will just remove it and throw the contents out so the machine can be used again.

Those who prefer something smaller can try the S200 compact series model. The motor of this machine is also powered using a 1000-watt and can up to 118 cubic feet per minute.

The newest vacuum cleaner in the Miele product line is the S5. The motor of this appliance is 1200 watts, which is much stronger than the previous models and still has the same features as the others.

The makers consider this a smart machine because a sensor will alert the user when the bag is almost full so that it can be replaced or cleaned. Vacuum cleaners are prone to overheating so another added feature is the automatic shutoff system to prevent this from happening.

Miele is a German based company that has satisfied hundred of customers in Europe and in the United States. If the customer wants quality, then it is best to get the vacuum cleaner from a company that has an impeccable reputation in the market.

The products offered by this company are not available in any appliance store. Those who want to know more can find the nearest dealer by visiting the company's website so a representative can offer its product line for use either in the office or the home.

There is a warranty that comes in purchasing any Miele product so this can be repaired and returned in a few days.

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